15 things that ought to be more common

1. real and good hugs

2. leisurely walks with someone who instinctively knows that picking up interesting leaves and stepping on crunchy ones is part of the rhythm

3. camp fires

4. long talks about nothing in particular but so good you are sad to see them end

5. watching a good movie like High Fidelity with a friend who doesn’t mind your slippers

6. companionable silence

7. calling just to say good night

8. football in the park

9. “i read this book and thought you might like it”

10. laughing at absolutely nothing with someone who find the nothing equally humorous, especially in serious moments

11. road trips just because

12. reading books outloud together

13. board games and taco soup

14. vegging together at the end of a long week

15. being told you are loved by one who is still too young to lie about such things


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