Call Your Friends

Call a friend today.

Maybe a friend you talk to all the time. That’d be ok.

Or, better yet, one that’s cherished, but far away.

If you can only send a text, that works, too.

They need you. It’s hard to say it. We don’t want to be vulnerable. We don’t mean to intrude.

But, the world is full of people and circumstances and obstacles and institutions bent on tearing us down.

Sometimes, all the stuff we encounter seems set on our destruction. On the destruction of our dreams.

And dreams are fragile things, at once tender and tenacious.

A dreamer can sow. They can water and watch. But friends? Friends are like Miracle Gro.

So call your friend and ask how things are. Listen. Listen until they get to the hard stuff or the brave stuff or the stuff that needs to see the light.

Then, when you’re sitting in that light, remind them who they are. It’s so easy to forget. For a moment, though, you can shield them from the onslaught of opposing forces and distractions, and let the light shine on their best and truest self.

Because friends breathe life. After all, we’re trying to change the world here. And that, if anything, is worth a phone call.


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