Web Stuff Worth Checking Out

Running a business online, working online, and blogging means that I spend a considerable amount of time on the interwebs. On days like today, I intend to slack off, but check work email and end up working for hours and hours. Other times, I need to work, but YouTube sucks me into it’s siren-singing, black hole of a time-sucking vortex funny videos.

Now that we have the confessions out of the way, here are a few of the most fascinating things I’ve found online this week.  Let me know what you think about these, or if you’ve found a can’t miss curio, mention it in the comments!

What they say: “Co-founded by postdocs from MIT, pymetrics is driven by the idea of using neuroscience to reinvent career search and hiring.

Over the last two decades, neuroscience has revolutionized our understanding of the brain and given us novel ways to assess cognitive and personality traits. We apply this to helping people find their optimal career path, and help companies find ideal candidates.”

What I say: I don’t know how effective this website it, or whether it delivers what it promises. The games are interesting, and while it doesn’t feed the need to conquer, since you can’t play and play to improve your score, it does give interesting insights. Plus, it makes your brain feel like it’s getting a break from work, while being at least somewhat productive. I’m intrigued, if not entirely sold.

  • Porcupine Eating a Pumpkin

Don’t judge until you’ve watched. It’s overwhelmingly cute. Who knew?

  • King, St. Louis based outsider artist working towards the creation of a spiritual and monumental art.

There’s a ton of great art in the world, but I encourage you to like King’s Facebook page. He shares works in progress as well as details about how he’s moving through stages. The only downside is wanting more art than your budget can bear. You can also find King on his blog. After you do, let me know which is your favorite!


What are your favorite things on the web this week?